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Cocoon Design provides worldwide web design service

Cocoon Design is a Malaysian web design firm offering our services to every corner of the world. With light speed internet and a secure online payment gateway, be confident in the use of our services even though we are miles away.

Looking for web designer? Talk to us, we do not care where you are!!

Web Design: One Site Fits ALL!

Cocoon Design creates website that fits all devices

At Cocoon Design, we develop both static and WordPress based websites that get along with any devices flawlessly! Never concern yourself with what your customers use to view your site, as our designs respond intelligently for the best viewing experience. Fear not of mobile device OS updates, or different web browsers breaking your stuff, as it will just work.

Content Management: Manage it Yourself!

Content Management System: WordPress

Should you require frequent changes to your site content, yet can't wait for professional web agencies to apply your changes for you, Cocoon Design makes use of the WordPress platform for self-management of your content.

Cocoon Design's Free WordPress Template

Content Management System: WordPress

Download and try Cocoon Design's very own WordPress template for free by clicking the link below.


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Talk to us, talk to us, please TALK TO US! We are lonely and we want to know what you are looking to do, and how we can help.

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